Out of the Valley

We decided to get out of town on Sunday so we took a drive. We were not sure where we were going so but we knew we wanted to take the dogs and see the mountains and trees. It was nice to get out of the smokey valley and get to some fresh air. So we ended up driving over white pass, stopped at a campground near Mt. Rainer and then we came back over Chinook pass. We stopped at boulder cave and hiked to the cave and back, I am paying the price for that hike in my legs. So I will let the pictures tell the story, we just had a good time.


Jimh. said…
I enjoyed our trip! We need to travel more often! Maybe to another continent next time? love you! and love the pics!
I need to really come out when BB is home.. that is BEAUTIFUL..
Reminds me of Colorado.. we use to love going up in the mts...
Great photos...
Looks like a great time..
Beautiful photos. Sounds like heaven.
Grandma L said…
I like the way you put those first two pictures together. It looks like the mountain reflection is showing in a lake. Maybe it's just me !!
Love the pictures.
sis said…
Looks like Jim holds you and Toby about the same in 2 of the photos.
So beautiful! Looks like a WONDERFUL day!

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