Thank you for all of your words of encouragement, they mean so much. This ride has sure been a roller coaster of lows and highs. I am not the kind of person to be positive all the time, I try my best but sometimes the down times just get to me. I started this blog to honestly journal my journey and sometimes it is not always positive. I got some really sad news about a good friend earlier this week and that, with the fact that we just don't seem to know where the adoptions are going and other things have me in a mood. But the kind words of all my friends sure do make a difference, thank you!

Jim and I are approaching our 10 year wedding anniversary and I know it should be a joyous occasion but I am feeling a little off about it. It is almost like getting a little down before a big birthday. It has been a time of reflection and I had some expectations when we got married and I didn't think that they were too unrealistic but I had no idea the obstacles that would present themselves.

Obviously one was to have children and that is proven to be more of a challenge than expected. One of the other ones that I had was that we would be able to take a trip on our 10th anniversary to celebrate because when we got married it seemed like such a long time away. (Ten years later I am wondering what happened to all that time I thought I had.) Neither of those things are likely to happen and I need to get past that. I had hoped to make Africa an extra special anniversary trip but it looks like it is not going to happen for a couple more months. I still think we will spend a couple days in Kenya or Tanzania before we move on to Burundi but I need to let go of my hopes that it would be before our anniversary. So does anyone have any good ideas for celebrating this milestone with out spending a lot of money or taking any time off and keeping in mind that we have no kids so alone time together is not on short supply?

I am taking Labor Day off. It is not a holiday in my company but I have a lot of vacation saved up thinking we were going to be taking a trip so I am going to use a day. I need a day! I think getting away from the stress of work will help me refresh and get back to a better place. I am hoping to get to take one day and head to North Bend for some outlet mall shopping. The Osh Kosh store is having a 50% off sale! Maybe buying somethings for the niece and nephews for Christmas will make me feel a little better. Bargain hunting retail therapy is definitely order!

Hope that everyone else has a relaxing weekend.


Jimh. said…
Who believed you would stick around that long?!? I am glad you did!

Seriously, Cora, I can take care of the celebratory outing and cheering you up with just TWO WORDS: AIR MUSEUM!!!!!! WE will LOVE it! I KNOW you will perk right up when you see a Messerschmidt ME-109...I mean, who wouldn't?
Grandma L said…
Yes, a day or two away from the natural humdrum can do wonders for a person. You deserve it so enjoy.
Have a great 3 day weekend.. Hope you get to go to the outlet mall.. if you find a super great bargain.. let me know.. you know I will send you money...LOL..
Love ya..
I am always here for you..
I hope you are having a FUN day of shopping!!!!!!!!!!!! (((HUGS)))
Christie said…
I know girl...trust me...I know! I can't wait to see a referral post on your blog...just hang in there a little bit longer. You can do it!

We can do it!!

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