Is it Sunday Night Already

Where does the time go? I never seem to get anything done and yet I am always busy. I guess we did take a day off this weekend and head over the mountains to see some airplanes. We had fun, although I do believe Jim had more fun than I did. You can see more pictures on Jim's blog. Oh and I am not quite as miserable as I look in this picture I was just wondering if this one 9our third try) was going to turn out.

We looked for bedding for the twin bed we are putting in BB's room but I did not realize how hard it would be to find twin size kids bedding. So this morning I went ahead and ordered some online. I hope it goes but if it doesn't I have 2 options 1. take it back or 2. just keeping it because I am not really into matching any way. I think the room is just going to be a mis-matched conglomeration of jungly themed items that I love.

I found these at Toys R Us and as it happens I had a gift card so I bought them. Yeah, probably should have used it for something more practical but these made me happy. There is also a monkey and an elephant but those will have to wait until next month.

I decided that the light switch cover needed a face-lift. So I made this tonight. I love it.

We also painted the other shelf green and I attached the giraffe coat rack I got to the dresser. I also ordered something else on Ebay that I can't wait to come in. So the room is almost done we just need to hear from our agency that we go get our little guy. Sully might have to give up his newly found bed though.

We did hear last week that he is doing well but not much else, still waiting for someone in Burundi to get back from leave. Hopefully more information next week (there is going to be a day when I don't say this, right?).


LOVE the little animals.. I didn't know you already had them..
Can't wait to see what you ordered..and the room complete..
But best of all..
Can't wait to see BB in his room.. then LM will be coming along soon..
Love ya..
Everything looks great so far Can't wait to see the room complete. Have a great one!
I love the mismatched jungle. Too cute and looks so good together. Way more creative than buying a predone set! Sully looks cute, but he better watch out for BB!
Grandma L said…
I love it. You find the neatest things. The light switch cover is impressive. I guess I don't get around much anymore, I have never seen some of these things you are coming up with.
Kayce said…
Cute stuff! The picture of you guys is great! Glad all is good with BB...looking forward to seeing him in his room!
Kelly and Todd said…
I love the picture of you and Jim. Self portraits are my favorite b/c you never know what you're gonna get :-)

Here's hoping you get good news on BB soon. I love how his room is coming together.

Have a great week - kelly :-)
I think the room is going to be fantastic and I can't wait to see it finished with BB in it!!!!

The wall art is really sweet as is the light switch cover that you made! I so enjoy little projects like that.

I am just sending lots of wishes that you guys will hear from AAO this week. I hope you travel soon!!!


Jimh. said…
I had a great weekend, and am looking forward to another.

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