Nine Years Ago

It has 9 years since Jim had his eye surgery. It was one of those days where you remember every detail. It is sure amazing how time passes and I wonder what this day will look like in the future. Jim gives the details on his blog planetruth: It's Been Nine Years! I wish he still had the letter he wrote describing his experience walking to the post office with out being able to look up. It was hilarious but has been lost somewhere in the years.

Hope every one had a good weekend. I will post later about some of the touches we put on BB's room. And no news on the progress in Burundi we will contact our agency this week if we don't hear something.


Molly said…
Hi Cora,
I had fun hanging out this weekend even though it was just for a while. Thanks for helping me pick out a new computer!! The skype thing is awesome. I hope you hear something this week from your agency.

About Jim's eye...I do remember him watching TV through a mirror with his head facing the ground!

Talk to you soon,
Jimh. said…
Yeah, that was such a fun time for me! LOL!

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