Reoccuring Theme

Waiting, life on hold

Feeling the time slipping by

Hope where are you, Lost?


Michelle said…
Don't lose hope!!!
(((HUGS))) I hope you hear something soon!
Kayce said…
Hugs Cora. I completely understand this post. Completely. Hugs.
Christie said…
Since I know exactly what you mean and have been exactly where you are...

Don't lose's all you have right now and it's so vital...

hold on, dear Cora!
Aww Cora...I'm sorry! Don't let go of hope! That was my motto while waiting for Mia Hope. I'll have to try and find the little hope balloon picture that I hung on my wall and send it to you. In all honesty, I do think its going to be a while...try to enjoy life along the way...its so precious. But don't give up hope...for your daughter WILL come!!!

Margaret M said…
HUGE HUG coming your way!
Jimh. said…
I have been thinking of your haiku for a few days now. Here is mine:

Why I Returned Late

Trip to Africa
she, out to see nature's best
lions ate my wife

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