Sleeping in the Agenda and Other Stuff Not Necessarily Related

I think I need to add sleeping in my what needs to done every day list. I never thought it really needed to on an actually list but it does not seem to be happening lately. I think I might have too much on my mind lately to actually fall asleep for more than about 1 hour at a time. And working in Zombie or slow motion mode is not working. I have a lot that I need to get done at work too.

"Whats up with the Adoption?" My favorite question, not. I guess because I don't know how to answer it. I know where it comes from I ask it also but it is hard to deal with uncertainty. We have reason to hope that we will get new pictures in the next couple weeks but I there are of course no guarantees.

We are still working on the room. I am expecting a few things to come next week, that I ordered online last weekend. It is very close to being ready for a little boy. I can't wait to reveal more to you.

I have some sewing and other projects that I am excited to be working on this weekend. I hope to debut them soon.

The cat caught a bird today and drug it in the dog door and let it loose in the house. Jim had to capture it and release it back to the wild it was quite an event apparently. This was the text I got at work, "I just had an experience" I had to ask if it was an out of body experience then he explained. I am sure Toby and Sully were most disappointed that Jim released their new toy into the wild. Jim described it better here with pictures.

Jim was only able to work a couple days this week. He is in the process of signing up with other districts as a sub but would really like a more permanent position preferably with medical benefits. I made the mistake of adding it up today we are currently paying over $300 a month in medical insurance and Jim's covers practically nothing, health care is so frustrating. So if anyone knows of a need for a history teacher with in driving distance please let us know!

On top of the lack of teaching jobs, in order to get signed on with other districts he has to be re-fingerprinted. I mean how many times in the last 3 years does a guy have to be fingerprinted with out committing any crimes. He should have level 3 FBI clearance by know (not that I know what that is) Our fingerprints expire in December for the adoption will we travel by then? That is the ultimate question.

If I can drag myself out of bed we are going to see some hot air balloons tomorrow. We will also get to see some incredible kids if we go so I am motivated to go to bed early because it has been too long since I have seen that wonderful part of our family.

It looks like a good weekend and if all goes well we might get a new picture of our son next week! I really need that!


I hope you can get some sleep! IT is so hard with everything going on. I can so relate!!!!

Did you order the sheets for his bed at Company kids? They have some really cute Jungle sheets. I thought of BB. I loved the adorable animal face hooks for the wall.

What a fun experience Jim had today! Sorry you missed it. I would have been in tears so it is a good thing it wasn't here.

Yep. I think we are due for fingerprints in Dec. too! Uggh....

Let me know if you decided on the fabrics. Are you going to offer 1,2, or 3 choices? I thought I would leave that up to you as it can get costly for you.

Go to bed dear friend and enjoy the hot air balloons! It should be another gorgeous day!

Jimh. said…
a weekend with you is like breathing, I need them. Love you!
I hope you are able to sleep late today and have restful weekend!
Grandma L said…
I read Jim's blog about the bird capture and after seeing a story this morning about animals making friends of other species, such as a Babboon and a dog, I am convinced the silly(Sully)cat just brought the bird in to play with. I think he would have killed it on the spot if he wanted it dead. Jim, you just spoiled his fun. Now Toby might have tried to bury it, so maybe you did the right thing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting. More so, thank you for brightening our day today- you and Jim. Loved our visit! The kids did too-- for sure. An extra hand was definitely needed with the balloons, thanks.

Love SIL
Hope you get some rest this weekend..
can't wait to see the new creations..
Glad things are coming along with the BB's room >...
Glad you had fun today..

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