Care Package!

We sent off a care package to our agency today for BB. We are hoping that the Bishop will be able to take some of it back to Burundi with him to our BB. Jim picked out the little airplane and I picked out the cell phone, they said "A small toy" but we decided to push our luck with 2 :). I hope that at the minimum the Bishop will be able to bring him the picture album with pictures of us in it. He is a little young to be able to understand the concepts of adoption so we hope at least he is able to become familiar with our faces. Oh and clothes were not on the list but these are 2 outfits that will no longer do him any good here since it is cooled for the year.

We are planning on meeting with the Bishop on Saturday in Seattle but since things always change we decided to send this ahead of time. We are really looking forward to talking to the Bishop in person about procedures and to just get more information about our Baby Boy.


Jimh. said…
I really hope we can give him a sense of urgency!! Should be interesting to see him again!
Michelle said…
Cool! I hope it all gets to him. We sent our daughter a care package to china, with that exact same photo book, but sadly, they said, they never got it!

Good luck! Your little boy needs to come home soon!!
Grandma L said…
Hopefully, by the time the Bishop gets over there,your next step is on his desk. He will love those toys.
Kelly and Todd said…
What sweet little outfits! I hope the package arrives safely and you have a great meeting with the Bishop this weekend!

-- kelly :-)
That is really cool that you get to meet with the Bishop. I hope it speeds things up!!
Margaret M said…
I love sending the care packages for Graeme and I do think the pictures we sent helped to prepare him. So happy for you!
I sooo hope that he has good things to let you know of Baby Aiden..
I am sooo ready to see my nephew in his Mommy and Daddy's arms..
Love you my friend..
you know I am here for you ALWAYS...
Too cute! Love little boy stuff!
Hurry home BB!!!!


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