Forget French

I posted a few days ago that I was looking for toddler appropriate DVD's that had a French language track. I assumed that since that was one of the official languages of Burundi that would be the language that BB was used to hearing. Well, you know what happens when you assume. After speaking with the Bishop we learned that he is hearing Kirundi. Now try and find a Kirundi language DVD for toddlers I dare you :0)

There is not much out there on Kirundi, there is a book or 2 but they are more than I can afford to spend right now and I have no way of know if they will do me any good. The Bishop is working on a phrase book for adopting parents so that we can at least communicate the basics. He also taught us a few words while we were there. It will be interesting to see what we are able to pick up once we are in Burundi for a week or two.

In the mean time I have located an online translator for Kirundi. Check it out if you are interested. It is Amajambo. I am in love with it, I hope to be able to butcher a couple phrases so I can at least say good morning, thank you, and where is the bathroom (avoiding doing the potty dance in a foreign country is a noble goal).

Oh and if anyone knows someone that is teaching their baby French, I have this that I will sell cheap, :o) It is opened but never used.

PS Thanks Debz for your offer to get me some DVDs in French, I am now thinking it was a sign that I could not find much in French around here.


Jimh. said…
Noble Goal, indeed! I am 100% with you on that score!
Anonymous said…
Now just to learn how to say "Grandma Loves Aiden" in Kirundi. I read all your blog on BB but couldn't get Goggle to let me comment there. mom

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