Looking for DVDs

I went to Target the other day and picked up a few $5 preschool DVDs when a thought occurred to me, what languages do they play in? All the ones around here are in English and Spanish. In Burundi they speak French and Kirundi. I know I will never find a Kirundi DVD but I was hoping to find a few in French so that BB will be at least able to hear some words he understands. I know living around here that Spanish will ultimately be more useful but there is no reason not to be tri-lingual. Ok maybe I am thinking a little too far in the future, :0), we will have to work on English first before we move on to Spanish and Mandarin.

So why am I writing this post, well, I know I have a couple readers in Canada and I know that they speak French in some parts of Canada. I was hoping they might be able to offer me some good advice on getting some good toddler DVDs in French. Plus I might be able to pick up a few phases from French Sesame Street since we can't afford Rosetta Stone and an international adoption :0).

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Grandma L said…
That is a super great idea.
Jimh. said…
It's a great idea...but where do we get those French DVDs?
Debz said…
HI ;O)
Name me the DVD's you want and I'll see what I can do!
As for the phrases....let me know some you want and I'll have them translated for you. My daughter took French Emmersion.

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