Lunch with a Friend

Jody from Our Forever Journey of Adoption had an appointment in Yakima today and we were able to meet for lunch for the first time. At first it was a comedy of errors as the place we were supposed to meet had moved to Selah and she had one address and I was at the other. That will teach me to try to take some one to a fun place in Yakima they have all gone moved away. But it all turned out great because we were able to meet in the middle at a Sub Shop. As it turns out it did not matter what we ate because the company was amazing. It is so neat to be able to meet people that you feel like you already know. We read each others blogs and have exchanged emails for a couple years now (both LID in China 4/07). Now she is going to be heading to China in a few months to bring home her son!!! who is about the the same age as our BB. So we had tons to talk about, we could have stayed there all afternoon but I had to go back to work and she needed to get back on the road, :0(. I have a feeling this was just the first meeting of our "in real life" friendship.

Thanks Jody for a great lunch. I did take a picture of the 2 of us but blogger will not let me load it so I will try again later.


Jimh. said…
I am glad you had fun! Next time I get to meet her...I hope! While you were getting her lost, I was teaching high lucky bum!
Awesome!! That is so much fun to meet a bloggy buddie like that and hit it off. I am finally meeting Kim next week.
What a special time it was Cora!! I so enjoyed meeting you and can't wait to do it again. It was in the cards for us to meet and have the same agency, same LID month and adopting boys!! It will be fun to continue this experience together. 30 months and waiting! I hope you deliever first!!!! You so deserve it. You are going to make a great mom.


PS I got the picture up on my blog site!
3D said…
Spending time with friends is always wonderful.

Keep smilin!

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