Need to Run Away....

to Australia Burundi. One of my favorite children's books is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day if you have not read it check it out it is great. I am really ready to take some major time off work. It has been crazy at work lately, I am not sure why it just seems like everything is going wrong and it has not been helped by the fact that I have not felt well this week.

I think I might take Friday off. It is our 10 year anniversary and although we have no plans it might be nice to reward myself by not going to work, but that depends on what is happening at work. I have plenty to do at home. There never seems to be enough time.

I was going to make this a wordless Wednesday but I have too much to say. Crossing my fingers for some good adoption news so I can really start planning for that Family Leave that I really really need.

I just never tire of seeing the cat on the changing table. I don't mind at all because I think BB will be a little old for a changing table by the time he comes home so it might as well get some use. And contrary to all the pictures he is not always there, the door is normally closed but the minute we leave the door open that is his favorite place to sleep.


Jimh. said…
It's gotta get better sometime...

As for the cat...well, he seems to think he needs as much attention as a baby in the mornings, maybe he's trying to get us into the spirit!
C and G said…
I especially like that the cat is buckled in. Safety first! :)
To Stink'in cute!! They are such funny creatures. Our cat is similar in color to yours!

Happy Anniversary early! I hope you get to have the day off. Ours is next Friday.

Maybe he likes giraffes? :)
I pray you get the news you are waiting for! Its SO hard to wait, wait, wait!!!

A breaks is always good for the soul. Happy Anniversay!

love it..
I sooo hope that you get some news..
Anonymous said…
News! We'll take it especially if it's come and get him. As for the cat, I think it should be titled "I am so embaress. I didn't mean to wet my diaper." or "What a day I've had." Anyway, he is so cute. Happy Annverisary. It doesn't seem to have been 10 years already. Where did the time go? Love from mom
PS forgive my spelling today
Grandma L said…
Sully puts her arm across her eye's and says, "Here she comes again with that stupid camera".
Hope you get the news you want soon! Happy Anniversary!

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