The Room is Almost Ready

BB's room is almost ready. I have a few special touches I will add as I can and of course the curtains still need to finished and hung. We need a few more things for the walls but it is really looking like a little boy belongs there. Well I will let the pictures speak for them selves. Let me know what you think. You might want to pay special attention to the last photo!


Kayce said…
LOVE that last picture!!!! The room looks great!!
Jimh. said…
I think the whole thing looks great! but, maybe we should go ahead with the mural on the wall next to the bed...
Peta-maree said…
I love the room and I love the last picture. I cant wait to meet him. Oh and to send him some Australian creatures for his room.
I love it! Now all you need is BB!!! That silly cat!! lol

What a great room. Luv It!
A. Gillispie said…
Beautiful!!! That peanut is definitely worth the wait!
Christie said…
SCREAM! The last picture...the last picture....OMG! Double Scream! You're so clever!

I'm so excited for you - what an awesome room - poor Q - he didn't get any cool Africa decor. He got stuck with Americana/Texas/Red White and Blue. Early initiation into becoming a southern cowboy gentleman.

hugs - love it!
I am sooo glad I can call my nephew by his name..
Aiden come home.. and Aiden is TOOOO CUTE..
Love it..
Love ya girly..
it is about time to bring him home.. he has TONS of people who want to give him some LOVE..
Grandma L said…
Welcome Home Aiden !!! How perfect. I especially love the bed. I can tell Sully is loving it.
Margaret M said…
The room is beautiful!!!! I love all that you have done! It just needs Aiden home. I am just so excited for you!
Oh My Gosh!!! I love the name Aiden! IT is so cute and he is just adorable!! The room looks fantastic and so fun! I'm sure he will love it.

I can't wait to meet the little one and of course you guys too!!!

I am so very happy for you. It won't be long now. I bet you just go in that room and dream... I know I would be spending alot of time in there.

I better get to work...
Hugs and giggles,
Anonymous said…
TOO CUTE!! Enjoy how clean it looks, it will be a rare thing when he gets here.

Love you 3
Anonymous said…
Wow! is right. What a great job on the room. Sully is going to love the little guy. I bet BB will love him back. Maybe just carry him around after they become friends. Something Sully will probably like. Love mom
Kelly and Todd said…
The room is PERFECT!!! You are so clever - I was so intent on looking at the letters on the wall and learning BB's name that I almost missed the best part. What a sweetie!!! I can't wait until you guys travel and have Aiden in your arms once and for all.

-- kelly :-)

PS - I love how your kitty hangs out on the changing table and how you have him secured safely - too funny!

PSS - Happy 10th anniversary to you both!!

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