So Much to Post About So Little Time

So much has happened in the past few days and I just don't have the time to post about it in the proper detail so I am posting a procrastination post. But I wanted to let everyone know, that is not a face book friend, that the meeting Saturday with the Bishop went well. We got so much great information a lot of it we are still processing. So I will probably find time in the next couple days to play catch up but not tonight. Hope everyone else is well.


A. Gillispie said…
Oh, can't wait to hear! Praying it is great news!
Sooo happy for you ..
Can't wait to have Aiden home..
Margaret M said…
Can't wait to find out your info!!! Will try to find you on facebook!! have a great day!
Amy said…
YAY!!!! This is AWESOME news, Cora! I am SO HAPPY for you and Jim and can't wait to hear the details!!!
Yippee!! Can't wait to hear all of the details! I was thinking about you guys and figured you were in town meeting the Bishop!

Do tell us soon!!
:) Jody
Looking forward to hearing the details!!

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