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So as most of you know we made the trek to Seattle to see the Bishop on Saturday. I was a great trip. We got there about an 1.5 hours early and so we did a little shopping at Penny's, Love that place wish we had one local. Jim got a new winter coat which by the crisp feel of the 27 degree weather this morning it will be well used this season.

When we got to the agency we were still early so we waited on a bench outside, playing on FB with our phones :0). The Directors and the Bishop arrived and we sat down to talk. There was only one other lady there so we were able to spend a lot of time getting information about BB and the other little girl that is going to be adopted. We hope to travel at the same time. They just submitted their paperwork this week so I hope that it goes through quickly. We don't want to wait to travel but to be able to travel with another family would be a wonderful experience.
So what did we learn, OH soooo much more than we knew before, which was essentially nothing. We are so grateful to the Bishop for taking the time to meet with us and share what he has been doing. First off the process we learned on the Burundi side of things we are only a couple steps from being approved and the Bishop will work on those in the next few weeks. We learned that he has been working very hard to push for this adoption to happen and we learned that he is very dedicated to helping all children of Burundi.

About BB, We learned that he maybe much younger than we though but we are not sure if that is accurate. We learned who is taking care of him right now and that he is living with the other baby in the same house and right now they are the only 2 very young children there. The Bishop promised more pictures and we were able to tell him how important those pictures are to us. It was not easy to get these answers, not because the Bishop did not want to answer but because of the language and culture barriers. Many times we had to rephrase things so that the Bishop could understand them and many times it was hard to understand because his thinking was not the same as ours. It took several minutes to get the name of BB's nanny because he does not see the importance of us knowing this information but for us it is very important as we know BB will be very attached to this person. We talk to the Bishop about getting a medical form filled out by a physician in Burundi so we have some medical information and we are really hoping that he is able to do that soon.

One of the issues that we face in the future is dealing with US immigration. We are hoping that they will accept all of the documentation on the children that they Bishop has gathered and process our case quickly.

So there is the run down of our meeting, we are incredible blessed to be able to meet with the Bishop in person. It truly makes all the difference in the world because you actually see his enthusiasm for this process and how much he wants all the orphans in Burundi to find loving homes.

I can not wait finally hod that little baby in my arms.


Jimh. said…
It WAS awesome to see him and impress upon him the importance of the things we want him to do. Pictures would be awesome!

I can't wait!
Jimh. said…
Oh, and I like my coat!
YEA! Sounds like a great meeting!
It sounds like you are getting VERY close to your BB!!!!

So exciting!!!

Kayce said…
Great things happening!! So very exciting!
Grandma L said…
Things should start moving now. I can't wait.
Kelly and Todd said…
I'm so happy to hear that you had such a great meeting. I have my fingers crossed that things speed up for you guys soon.

-- kelly :-)
I am so glad that you were able to ask questions and get some answers once he was able to understand them. I can't wait to pich his adorable cheeks!! He is a cutie patootie!!


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