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Most of you know that we are waiting for our little Burundi Baby, probably toddler by now. I have a beautiful Blog that Diana kindly made for us to chronicle our journey to BB. It has been private and I had hoped to make it public when we got final approval for adoption, however that has taken a lot longer than I thought. A lot of the posts will be cross posts and I will still post what ever I can to to this blog as well. However, I have decided to open the blog to friends and family. I can only invite 100 people but I think that should cover most people that I know want to follow the blog. I will still make it public when we get approval (or travel) because I know a lot more of you will want to follow our travels. If you wish to be included in the email list please Email Me and I will try and add you. Family comes first so if I reach 100 and can't add you please do not be upset, I will open the blog to the public when we get that final approval.


I can't wait to be included!! I hope there is room for me!

Kayce said…
Would love to follow along Cora if there is room!
momtoo said…
I am working on getting an account that will work each time we log on to goggle blog. So yes I will love to come along on the blog as you travel down the road to your baby.

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