Well, I felt I needed to post something and it is probably going to be quite boring and a bit of a pity party, sorry, I won't blame you if you stop reading now. So how come when it rains it pours? How come everything seems to break or fall apart all at the same time? I am trying very hard to be thankful especially this month but it has not been easy.

If you read Jim's blog, you may know some of this stuff already, but here I go anyway. Jim's laptop is on its last legs it is literally being held together with 2x4's, he uses this computer to get jobs since he is a substitute and most of the jobs are posted through a website. Our DVD/VCR player decided it no longer wants to work, well it kind of still works you can play things if they have the auto play feature but forget fast forward or rewind.

Then, Gypsy hurt herself somehow. She was fine Saturday morning but by about noon we noticed her limping. It was not getting any better so I took her in to the Vet this morning. Looks like a torn ligament and she needs surgery that costs way more money than I think it should and way more money than we have. The total actually caused me to burst into tears, the vet probably thinks I am a lunatic. We don't know what to do, I plan to get a second opinion, I hope that will help us make a decision. There are also a few other things going on that I am not ready to blog about yet but lets just say November has not been one of those months I would like to live over again. Oh and I am dealing with all this with a nice congestion in my chest. I am thankful for cold medicine, to get me through the day.

I hope that Thanksgiving is the gateway to a much better month. I am so looking forward to having family over to our home. It will be the first major Holiday that we have hosted. We will probably have enough food to feed twice as many people as are coming but that is what it is supposed to be right? I also hope to be blogging a bit more than I have been.

Hope you all have a wonderful week,


hope the 2nd opinion goes well..
Love ya..
always here for you girly..
Charissa said…
Thank you for your post. I am sending you 4 hugs, 1 big one and 3 mighty little ones (Scott is at work). I won't pretend to know the answers but I can give you a fluffy back puppy ;]And Thanksgiving at your house is going to rock this year!

love your SIL
Kayce said…
You guys are in my thoughts! I hope all is better very soon with Gypsy.
Jimh. said…
She is still drugged...Gypsy, not Cora. Hopefully we will figure out something.

I can't wait to have Thanksgiving. Food and Drink makes me feel good. Family is pretty awesome, too. Can't wait!
Hang in there! Hopefully this 'rain' stops and Thanksgiving is the start of something good! (((HUGS)))
Alyson & Ford said…
Ditto! Hoping all is better now. Yes, food and drink helps!

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