Finally Referrals

If you follow China adoption you know that November referrals were skipped. It was heart breaking to those parents that were NEXT but the referrals were finally received. They processed 3 days and are now up to April 2006. It does not seem like a lot and it's not but it is such a relief to finally see them out of March 2006. We are now 390 LID days away from our date, 4/25/07. Slowly but surely we are getting there and 3 more dollars in the bank.

I would like to say a special congratulations to a couple of bloggy friends getting their referrals this month (finally!!) Christie and family (from A Bushel and A Peck) are seeing their new daughter and sister, Keira, for the first time. And Kayce and her family (Stories of Life in the Middle of Adoption) are also seeing a new family member this week! I love it when I actually cyber-know people getting referrals.


Margaret M said…
Your day will come! One will happen!
IT is so wonderful for our friends isn't it! It will happen for you too Cora! First lets get Aiden home and then LM!!

How are you feeling?


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