The Great Tree Dilemma

One of my favorite things at Christmas time is going up in the mountains and finding a tree. I have great memories from doing this during my childhood. We would bundle up, pack hot chocolate, marshmallows, hot dogs, fire making supplies and all the other necessary things for getting a tree. A couple times even though we had everything else we forgot the saw. I remember the bread sacks in my moon boots to keep my feet dry and still my feet always ended up wet but that was OK because we had like 10 pairs of extra socks, just in case. I loved the near death experiences on the sleds and inner tubes. It always took us longer than we thought to find that perfect tree and often times it ended up a lot bigger in the house than we thought. I remember singing Christmas songs in the back of the truck with my sisters and I remember getting stuck a few times. One time it was just me and dad and we found a tree pretty quick that year. Although my memory is not great I believe that was the year mom was in the hospital and we were waiting for my sisters to be born. No matter what the circumstances were it was always fun.
Last year Jim and I went up to find a tree on our own. We had a lot of fun even though it was the first year that I went and there was no snow. We took the dogs and they really enjoyed frolicking and getting dirty and tired in the mountains. And we did find the perfect tree. It looked awesome but it jumped out and grabbed you every time you walked by. It was a nightmare to decorate because it was so prickly and I LOVED it.
This year I am not sure what to do. I am feeling a bit Bah Humbug, and that is not usually me. I really expected BB to be here by Christmas and I do not know when he is going to be here. I am really tired of not being a mom (it is really all I want for Christmas this year). Christmas is just one big reminder that we don't have any kids. So I just am not feeling the joy for decorating that I usually do.
Then there are the dogs, I know dogs are not a replacement for kids but one of the things I really enjoy about going and getting the tree is seeing our dogs have so much fun. This year Gypsy will not be able to go and it makes me so sad. She has a torn ACL, in her knee. She is supposed to limit movement until it heals. If it does not heal in 3-6 months we may need to see about getting her surgery. So do we take Toby and leave her home? I hate that.
So do we go get a tree or not? I probably already know the answer but I guess I just need a push this year to get in the spirit this year.


Oh Cora,

You are so in my thoughts and prayers!! I am crying now.... I so feel your pain and so want you to experience motherhood now!!!! Not months from now.....

My thought is this.. if this is a tradition that you guys plan on doing with your kids than I would do it. They will want to see how you passed your time before they were a part of the family. So, go have fun and take those pictures and enjoy.

Is there anyway that Gypsy could stay in the cab of the truck or the car?

Luv ya so much and sending big hugs,
Grandma L said…
If you could just get a concrete date as to when BB can be with you it would help even if it's out there a couple more months. I can tell the limbo status is very hard on you. I hope Gypsy will heal soon without surgery.
I say you go and get your tree.. and leave Gypsy in the car.. the memories will still be there.. and Aiden will know that is has been thought of every year..right along with his sister..
Love ya..
Wish I was there closer..
Jimh. said…
I don't know. I really enjoy going up in the hills. I feel horrible about Gypsy. I don't think leaving Gypsy in the cab is an option, though. Maybe we can get a tree quick...?
Alyson & Ford said…
Do a smallish tree with some of the traditions you like and want to do in the future.
Love what you did growing up to get a tree! Sometimes we have to change knowing it is only temporary.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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