Happy Birthday Sweet Eli

Today is Elijah's birthday! what a special day to be 4. On Saturday he celebrated with Family and Friends. Here are a few pictures from the party. Of his many gifts I think he was most excited about the new booster seat, finally out of the car seat yea, and the "mote" control motor cycle from Grandma and Papa, I wish I had thought to get the excitement of that moment on film. I think he had a great Birthday party.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring that was good. We did finish decorating for Christmas and I think I am in a much better Christmas mood with more twinkle lights and red and gold ribbon. I even found a Christmas music station I like that does not play too many depressing Christmas songs.


Great photos.. looks like he had an amazing day..
Glad you got all the Christmas stuff up..
have a great week.
Jimh. said…
It was loads of fun! But then, we love family!
Happy birthday Eli! What a handsome little guy!!!

I love Christmas music but it can get depressing...

Charissa said…
Thank you for coming down. He had a great day. He was a little confused yesterday when I corrected him in saying technically he wasn't 4 yet. So today when he found out he really was 4 (confusing for both of us) he was beaming! Btw he likes making the dinosaur walk in the air with the stompy noises.

And thank you "Faith, Hope and Love" I will tell him and show him the blog tomorrow, he'll be delighted knowing someone he never met wishes him a Happy Birthday =)

The pic of me and the 3 is so cute, how small they look.
denise said…
We had fun too.

Those kids were beyond excited, especially when it started snowing.

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