Hat & Ornament Exchange

Yesterday I came home to 2 wonderful packages. I participated in a hat/ornament exchange that Jody hosted. Take a look at the great hats that will BB will be sporting hopefully soon.

Jody sent 2 amazing hats!

Sandra made this camo hat I can not wait to see it on BB's head!
She also sent this cute picture frame ornament.

Jody sent this perfect ornament I must say it brought me to tears just to see his name and a year I know it is real and I want him home so badly. Next year he will be watching me hang this one on the tree, it is glass do you think I am crazy enough to let a 2 year old handle it? Eventually several years from now he might be allowed to hang it there him self :0).

Thank you Jody and Sandra the packages could not have come on a better day, I needed a pick me up.


Jimh. said…
Those are great hats and ornaments! I too love the little Aiden ornament! TOO COOL!
I am so glad that they made it before Christmas and that you love them all!!

Love that adorable Camo hat Sandra made!!

Soon he will be sporting those cute hats!

The ornament yes hang it high on the tree for awhile!!

Love you guys!!
Merry Christmas!!
: ) Jody
Grandma L said…
How beautiful. The hats and the ornaments.
Love the hats.. and the ornament is AMAZING..
Love it..
Merry Christmas my dear friend..
LOVE the dog hat and the Aiden ornament! Soo cute!

Merry Christmas!

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