My Purr-fect Family

With all the days lately that I have been really feeling the absence of a special little someone that has never really been here, it is a great feeling when I have those moments of complete contentment with our family. A couple nights ago Sully was curled up on my chest, Gypsy had creeped between our chairs so I could pet her and Toby was content to be laying under Jim's laptop. And in that moment everything was perfect. Our little family might be small and mostly four legged but it's ours. It reminded me of a quote from Lilo and Stitch "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good." Yeah, our family is good, too.


Your family is PURRRFECT.. but will be complete sooo soon..
I am with you girly.. I know you will have your babies home soon..
you know I am always here for you..
Now go get that tree...
What an adorable family it is and absolutely Purrfect!! IT will change and grow soon but still be purrfect when it happens!! That's because 2 wonderful people met and fell in love and grew this family!!

Hang in there Cora..... For the life of me I don't get what the hang up with Burundi is... I just keep on praying that the government will finally okay everything and you will have him soon!!

I can't wait to meet again and the next time we will have our precious boys with us for a playdate!!

When it all happens you will be so excited that this time will fade away. Sometimes there is just a piece that needs to fall in place before it all happens. This is the wise old mother speaking from experience of adopting Gabby. It took us many many years and moons! But when it did it was just right!

Jimh. said…
I don't care what some people say about pets taking the place of kids. They don't, but pets do help make hard days a bit easier.

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