New Recipe

So tonight I tried out a new recipe. It was from Pampered Chefs 29 minute meal cook book (sort of) I tend to modify recipes to suite my taste and preferred cooking methods. So instead of pan grilling I baked and I did not use their seasoning rub, since I did not have it. That is one thing I don't like about their recipes, they often use their ingredients and I don't have them so I have to improvise.

I made maple bourbon glazed salmon.

I started by calling Mom and Dad my local fish suppliers. I thawed it and set about gathering ingredients.

Maple Syrup (Jim insisted on the real stuff not Mrs. Butterworths)
Cider Vinegar
Dijon mustard, I used whole seed it was what we had, I think it is the same or close enough.
Pepper corns for me to crush later
Bourbon AKA Giant bottle of Alcohol for 1 tablespoon (Jim promised me this would not go to waste and we ended up using extra, ;0)

Then I combined them in a microwaveable bowl and whisked. Then I read that I was not supposed to add the Bourbon until the end (Jim suggested I add a little extra anyway) I microwaved on high for 5 minutes and it was not reduced like it was supposed to be, I figured it was because of the extra liquid (alcohol) so I added a little extra maple syrup for thickness and cooked it 3 more minutes to boil off the excess.

That did the trick! I whisked in a little extra bourbon (what I was supposed to do if I would have read the recipe right the first time) Oh yeah some where in there I preheated to oven to 450.

I rinsed the salmon and placed it on a slightly oiled stoneware pan. I salted it and peppered it (compensating for their missing rub)

I then brushed it with a little glaze. I should have put more on because I think it soaked it up a bit and then sealed it so the next time I glazed it, most of it ran off and burned on the pan.
It might have set off the smoke detector but that is how you know when done right?

We served it with Quinoa and frozen peas, well I did cook the peas so they weren't really frozen when I served them.
Here is the finished product.

This is what it was supposed to look like, pretty close huh? Ok mine looks better :0)

We are trying to branch out a bit tired of the same old dinners, this is something I will do again, with a few modifications to avoid the smoke detectors involvement. It was really, really good we are already planning on using the glaze on chicken and steak and of course another salmon.


Jimh. said…
WOWWW!!!! It was AWESOME! I can't wait to have it again!

I love it when you cook!
Grandma L said…
Oh my Gosh! Does that ever look delicious. Even at 5 in the morning.
WOW... you go girly..
I will call you Cora Crocker...
I am not a salmon lover..but you might get me to try that..
Have a great week..
Margaret M said…
Looks Delicious!!!!
Not a fan of salmon, but it really looks yummy!
Michelle said…
Now that is one healthy and yummy looking meal!!!
Dawn S. said…
ooooh, yummmmmmmmmmmmm. My DH is the cook in our home and that looks like one of our dinners! I am so lucky and so is your Jimh! How cute that he left you a comment, too!

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