Great Cyber Friends

I have said this so many times and I will say it a more in the future I am sure, I am truly amazed by the wonderful people that I have meet online through the blog and yahoo adoption groups.  Before the Internet there is no way I would have been able to connect with these people that I am proud to call friends.

First off is Jody, we have actually had the good fortune to meet in person, I blogged about it here.  She is such a sweet, caring friend and mother. She and her family are in the process of adopting one of the cutest little boys in China.  They like many others prepared to adopt a girl from China so she has been saving up her older daughter's clothing and collecting a few things for a little girl.  But in the way life always likes to surprise you they are turning everything pink to blue :0).  So she is auctioning off some wonderful little girls clothing and all proceeds go to bringing home Jon Jon. 

From One Princess...

Go check it out (just click on the button above) and if you can bid on a couple things, even though we are saving money there is one little dress on there that I just could not resist putting a small bid on.  I know I am a weakling for cute girl clothing.

Another great cyber friend that I met online is Peta.  Peta lives in Australia and she has been a loyal, and kind reader of both my blog and Jim's for sometime.  We have a bit of fun with the differences in Australian English and American English.  I find it funny when on the same day I can complain about it being 37 degrees F and she can complain about it being 37 degrees C and one of us is cold and the other really hot. 

So even though she had asked for my address I had totally forgotten and was quite surprised to package arrive from Australia!  She sent us some really thoughtful Australian gifts.  BB animal collection has increased to include his first marsupial, a super cute koala. She sent me some lovely tea towels with Australian designs. For Jim there was a Aussie weather gage and a guide to some Aussie slang trust me those are perfect Jim gifts.  I won't tell you where he decided to put the weather gage, if you have seen his blog you will know.  And trust me in Jim's world it is a place of extreme honor. 

Thanks to all my cyber and real friends.  International adoption is not for the faint of heart and I don't think I could have survived this long if it was not for great friends and family.


Great gifts from great friends..
It is true.. I wouldn't be able to survive without the blogging world.. it is not an easy thing to do..
As for the weather gage in the bathroom...Jim cracks me up..
have a great week..
And just to put it on the blog..
Happy 33 months yesterday..
we are getting there.. slowly but surely..
Thank you so much Cora.... You touched my heart!! You are a wonderful friend. Someday soon we will be able to gather together with our liitle bambino's for a playdate or a camping trip? Something fun to celebrate the new season in our lives!

You have always been cheering for me and I so appreciate it! I just know Aiden will come home soon as he is yours!!

Big hugs!!
SUPER awesomeness! Jody has some amazing clothing (that I plan on bidding on) and Peta is a jewel! PERFECT Jim gifts!!
Jimh. said…
You are correct, it IS a place of EXTREME honor!

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