Just a Brief Whine That May Require Wine

Ok I am not looking forward to the tasks I must complete this weekend.  Hence, I am blogging about them to procrastinate a little more.  What are these daunting, unwanted, tasks you may ask.  Well, I have to do our taxes and our financial statement for the adoption.  I mean as if not having kids is not already depressing enough you are forced to put down on paper how much money you don't have.  Yea US!! We have debt, not something usually celebrated.  Thank you adoption world, I already know that, I don't need to be forced to spell it out and calculate it all, to see it.

Actually the first time we did this task it was interesting but this is the 4th time in the last 3 years and it is getting to be a little annoying.   I mean really does our agency like to torture us with the fact that because we have paid them a ton of money or more in the last 3 years our net worth has taken a nose dive.  I think the answer is YES.

I think they also like to torture me with frequent doctor visits where I have to have the doctor sign a little piece of paper saying that I am healthy enough to be a parent for the 4th time in 3 years.  Oh yes, my doctor thinks I am some insane person for coming in every few months needing this (twice I have had to drag a notary to her office, yippee.)  I am fairly certain that pretty soon she is going to stop signing the little piece of paper and guys in white coats are going to come take me away, to a little padded room on the 5th floor of the hospital or maybe the put the crazies in the basement, I don't remember.

That along with, how many DSHS clearances can a family have in 3 years before they start investigating as to why they keep seeing our names in their offices.  With the adoption, Jim being a teacher and my Mom running a daycare we must have had 15-20 clearances of some sort in the last 3 years.  Really, I don't think we even have time to do anything wrong if we wanted to between clearances.  

If you could not tell already I am SO ready for all this to be over.  I am ready to start worrying about parent related stuff not document related stuff.  I am ready to be a mom not a paper ready mom.  I know all of this is important but it is a bit draining.

Off to do our taxes, I hope I can find some free software out there this year because the last thing I want to do is pay more money to see how much money we don't have.


Jimh. said…
good post! Now, go get us a refund! ...that is, if they still give those out and we qualify. :-)

The reason YOU do the taxes? Because you're smarter than me.
Diana who is logged into a client's account right now said…
On this other side of all this crap is a child AND an adoption tax credit. (I hope that is encouraging!)
Grandma L said…
People have kids every day that are hopelessly incapable of the job, but you have to be 100% perfect to adopt. There is something wrong with that picture.

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