Money Saving Update

So I mentioned in one of my other posts that we are really trying to save money this month. We have been doing really good with not going out and not buying anything extra.  However, how come when you are trying to save money the most the world seems to conspire to rid you of it?

Our eletricity bill seems to have hit an all time high, I think that the people at the elecric company are probably all getting giant bonuses because of my love for a warm house.  I put on sweaters and blankets and I still like it warm, I can't help it, it's my weakness (that and chocolate).  Funny thing is I love snow and winter, I guess I don't mind if it is cold outside as long as I am warm inside.

Then we take the car in for an oil change and of course even though the oil change was part of the deal when we bought the car, the air filters were not.  So $70 later we have new air filters, oh the joys of being an adult.  There are so many better ways I can think to spend $70.  Oh and just in case you are wondering it was not the prescription that I needed filled.  Yes that is right with my new wonderful insurance plan, my prescription was $70 and that is with the 50% off coupon that we have until April then it is a wonderful $140 woo hoo I can't wait.

So there went $140, buh-bye, I miss you already.  I would have much rather have turned you into a few pairs of jeans or a couple pairs of jeans and a dinner out with my hubby but that did not happen :0(.  Or just stuck you away in savings for that adoption trip we might eventually take.  but you apparently had other visions of your life beyond our checking account.

We have done quite well in our efforts but circumstances have led to less than I wanted to have in the ole'bank account but hey it is on the positive side so better than it could have been.  We are going to continue through the rest of the month and probably February as well so we hope that somewhere in there we can put a little more in savings and get a little closer to what we need for BB's adoption.


Sounds like you are saving a little.. but I think we always have things that come up and we have to spend it in area's that we don't want too..
Love that little piggy .. we almost bought a bank the other day at Target that was on clearance to start with the whole dollar in the bank on referral days.. but didn't want to spend the
Have a great evening...
Grandma L said…
You didn't mention the price of gas. That alone would put the average person in the poor house. Especially if you have a gas guzzler.
I am with ya on this one Cora!! It always happens that way. Something breaks or you find out you have to pay for your Immunizations at $300 a pop!

Eventually we will get there.... might be broke but a happy family of 4!!

: ) Jody
Kayce said…
It seems everything is breaking in our house right now or getting stolen out of my car! Then we too got the biggest PG&E bill ever this month! gerrrrr! Not what we needed right now! As soon as we get home I'm putting all of us on money saving mode.
Kelly and Todd said…
Great post - I couldn't have said it better. In our house it always seems like one step forward and two steps back. If only money grew on trees....

Have a great night :-)

PS - Great gifts from Australia!

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