The Monkey Update

Toby has this monkey, I found it on clearance at Petco for $3, it has 2 squeakers so it is ultra squeaky, they must be made of Teflon since Toby has not been able to disable them yet. He has had the Monkey for a couple months, which is longer than a lot of Toby's toys survive.

So about 6:30 last night I was paying bills (YUCK) and Toby started getting unsettled. I thought it was because he could not get on my lap as I was at the kitchen table, so I ignored him for a while until Jim noticed he was looking for something. Then we realized that we had not seen or heard the monkey for a while. Jim helped him look and could not find it so I decided to join in the effort. Usually all we have to do is say to Toby "Where's your Monkey?" and he will go dig it out of where ever he left it and we here squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak for a good 15 minutes or more, not this time. He was obviously frantically looking. We looked under the beds and under the covers (yes we have found it there before) we looked under the furniture and in the laundry it was not there. I put on my shoes and headed to the back yard with a head light. Toby has a few favorite hiding spots but it was not there. We thought that maybe Gypsy hid it. She has been know to sneak stuff outside before. She has recently shown a fondness for the toy.

We could not find it anywhere. We gave up the search and told Toby it would turn up. Yes, I know he is a dog but he is dang smart and I swear he understands us. He spent the rest of the night looking terribly sad and pathetic. I knew the toy could not have gone far the ground is frozen so Gypsy could not have buried it.

This morning Jim headed out to start his truck and when he came back in, he had found the monkey. What? On the front porch, Huh? then I remembered. When I got home from work yesterday Toby ran out the front door when I opened it. He does that occasionally he just loves the front yard and I thought nothing of it. Well apparently he took his monkey on the way out and dropped it before coming back in, silly puppy.

He is much calmer and relieved to have his monkey back and the mystery has been solved. I am sure we will be back to Squeak Squeak Squeaking all night tonight.


Grandma L said…
From my angle it looks as though both dogs are in love with the monkey. That monkey must have magic powers.
ccd said…
Your narrative sounded kinda like a Dr. Seuse (sp?) book. =D got a good chuckle out of it.
YEA.. glad you found MONKEY..
Love ya...
Peta-maree said…
glad you found the Monkey.
That has to be the cutest dog story ever! I did not know that dogs bonded with things like that. You better buy a couple of spares...huh? ;)

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