Cora v. Glue Gun

An expansion of my previous post.

At one point during the weekend we went into town for a few necessities and just to get out of the house. I needed foam and fabric to recover my office chair arms. They were in bad need of repair apparently I have very heavy elbows. I wish I had taken a before picture but you will just have to do with the after picture.  So after braving the fabric store where all the crazy people work.  Seriously, they are all nutso, the girl that checked us out was still talking to as we got into our car and drove away.  And get this she was talking to her self about her poor use of the English language, WTH? Anyway back to my project to save my elbows from the injuries of poorly cushioned arm rests.

I decided that hot glue would be an appropriate alternative to staples (sounds innocent enough, right?). Now here is the thing about hot glue, it is HOT, this coupled with the fact that our hot glue gun is like 15 years old and has only a hotter than molten rock setting. I dug it out of the very back of a drawer and I bought some new glue sticks because I'll be damned if could fine the ones I know we have. They are never kept with the gun because you are NOT suppose to keep the ammo and the gun in the same spot it is dangerous.

So I cut the foam to the shape of the arms and I got the fabric all ready (cheetah minky, ooh la la) The first arm went with out incident and I was really getting my craft on, the glue was warm but I managed to avoid glue to skin contact. The second arm did not go quite as well. I have decided I am not quite Martha Stewart. I was yelling ouch and oooh and dang that is hot but doing ok until I yelled something that I can not repeat on this blog and Jim yelled from the other room "COLD WATER!!" Yep I got a nice lump of hot lava glue on my index finger. You know what, glue sticks, yes it does. It stuck and kept burning I finally got it off in what seemed like hours but was only seconds. I kept a cold pack on it for a while and I am now sporting a band aid that is preventing a huge blister from popping.  I know I have already said this but WHY on God's green earth does the glue need to be that hot?  What kind of insane, masochistic art projects is it for?

I also have a big knot on my head but that is much less exciting as I just bashed it into a cabinet corner as I stated in my earlier post.  I guess I was bored, a big goose-egg makes everything more exciting, right?  I was going for a concussion but fell a little short, I should have stuck the landing.

How many people do you know that have scars to remember their crafting endeavors?


Jimh. said…
I think it is best if you leave arts and crafts to the professions...K?

Love ya!
I can't believe that happened to you..
you do all kinds of things.. must be the oldness of the glue gun..
Love the new chair arms..
love ya.
ccd said…
Your pain has shamefully made me laugh, or maybe it's just the way you wrote about it.

Sorry about your craft battle wound. Hope it heals quickly.

Cute arms btw, I redid ours but used staples and it isn't holding so good.
Kelly and Todd said…
I love how jazzy the new arms look. I'm so sorry for your pain, but loved how you worded your posts. I have to admit that I'm laughing as well. I hope your head and finger are better soon and take it easy on your next crafting adventure.

-- kelly :-)

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