I have lots of wonderful things to post about from this weekend but it will have to wait.  Last night while looking for a movie to watch I banged my head on the corner of the cabinet, I have a nice goose egg from that incident and have been fighting a head ache ever since.  Then today while attempting a Martha Stewart renovation of my office chair (pictures later) I burned my right index finger with the hotter than lava glue gun.  So I am typing quite slowly with out the use of that finger which is sporting a nice white blister.  What kind of evil crafts was that gun made for, I mean really what in the world is something that hot used for?  I think my next crafting purchase will be a nice low temp glue gun and make our current glue gun an appointment with the landfill.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, even with the injuries I would give this weekend a thumbs up.


SOOOO Glad you had a GREAT weekend..
Can't wait to see the new chair cover..
sorry to hear about your head and your finger..
Have a great week..
Kayce said…
I can't tell you how many times I have come up and hit my head on an open cabinet! OUCH!!!
Grandma L said…
I think the little invisable demons are out in full force. The most weird things happen to people more than ever. I hope that headache goes away. Take care.
ccd said…
You could use the glue gun on Jim and see how fast he can run ;-)
OUCH!! Hope all is better today!

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