Need A New Header

I am so ready for a new header on this blog but being creative and coming up with something all on my own has been a challenge.  I have entered Diana's contest on Custom Blog Designs and I so hope I win! The gift certificate would cover a new header!  Then I could leave the creativity up to someone else!!

I already have a new name picked out since Waiting for Little Miss Whats Her Name no longer accurately describes this blog.  So if I win you may see a new blog header over here and if I don't win you may see a new blog header but it won't be as cool as if I would have won ;0).

If you want to win a gift certificate for yourself (or you could win and donate it to me, yep, that would work too!!) then head over to Custom Blog Designs and enter. 

Custom Blog Designs


No you can't win cause I want to win.. I need a new blog makeover also..
but if you did .. I guess that would be cool.. at least I know you..LOL..
Love ya..s
denise said…
If you don't win and you'd still like a free new header, I like designing stuff like that.

I know, I'm weird :)

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