Then and Now

I had a little fun scanning a few pictures yesterday, here are the results.

Holding his first daughter and his first granddaughter.  Sorry Dad, someday it will be a boy (although I get the feeling you are not complaining :0). 

Like Mommy Like Daughter.  I think there is a bit of resemblance in there (Molly is on the right according to Mom)

PS. stay tuned for a post about our newest fundraiser, check out color me home if you can't wait.


Jimh. said…
You have an amazing knack for pairing photos!
LOVE The photos..
And the books are amazing..
I think I will head over and be the first one to buy..
Love ya my friend..
Amy said…
What wonderful photos! Congratulations on your precious new family member! (I bet Leah gets her Mom and Aunties beautiful hair...lucky girl!)

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