Where Have I Been?

The answer is no where.  I spent the entire weekend either in bed or in a recliner doing nothing.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get that annual physical every girl looks forward to.  I also needed her to sign another paper for the adoption, which by the way she is getting pretty confused by.  She wanted to know what happened to all the other ones that she had signed.  I love explaining over and over again that we screwed up and the adoption is taking way too long.  Anyway, on Wednesday I was at the doctor and healthy, Thursday however I ceased being healthy.  I got a bad as in could hardly swallow with out tears sore throat and a nose that just would not stop running.  I ended up going home early from work and heading to bed.  I made it into work on Friday but probably should have stayed home, oh well.  Then the rest of the weekend was spent in my PJs and on cold meds regularly.  It was so so so so much fun, I know it could have been worse but it was still a crummy weekend. 

I am feeling much better today although my ears and throat still hurt and I am still taking cold medicine every 4-6 hours to avoid the most severe of the cold symptoms.  I found Hall's cough drops my true savior of the weekend.  I did not have a cough but they were the only thing that seemed to sooth my sore throat.  I have to give a thumbs up to the sugar free variety as they do not leave that filmy yucky feeling in your mouth.

I know not a very exciting post but I thought you deserved to know I did not die, :0).

Jim's doctor appointment is today.  Where he is assured to be deemed healthy enough to become a parent and our part of the home study update will be complete.  I will have those letters off to our agency tomorrow.  I guess the next step is to apply for our renewal of our 171H and change countries, finally.

In other news we are expecting a new niece or nephew sometime in the next week.  Hoping for Molly's sake he or she decides to come sooner rather than later, as the baby was due a couple days ago. 


sooo SORRY..
hope you feel better soon..
Love ya and miss ya..
Grandma L said…
It sounds like you really had a bad case. I know you're not 100% yet so take care. Let Jim wait on you.
ccd said…
Glad to hear your bloggy voice. Take care and quit taking the free colds from Jim.

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