You Know What They Say About Plans...

Well, neither do I, but I know plans are made to be broken, just like rules right.  This Little one was having none of the waiting until Monday, oh and for the record I am so glad she didn't.

So I got a call about 7 am Saturday morning from my Mom, Molly was in labor and in the hospital.  I laid in bed not being able to go back to sleep for about an hour and called my Mom back when I got up.  Molly was progressing and they were headed up to E-burg.  I called Emily as we had decided to drive up together.  The feeling I got was that the baby would be born any minute.  By the time Emily got here is was about 11 or 12 and we headed to the hospital to see Molly.  All day we thought it was going to happen any minute.  We visited we left we came back we tried to do the cross word, we left again and came back, we waited and waited and waited.  We learned new medical terms like "Great", "wonderful", "it should be soon" and "it won't be long now"  By the way it won't be long now actually means in the next couple of days.  You could tell that this was the first grand baby on our side of the family.  It was exciting, a bit boring and really tiring.  I can't even imagine what Molly and Paul were feeling.

Waiting and Listening for Crying

just heard the first cries!!

Two of the happiest Aunts ever

So about 11:05 we heard the first cry of little Leah, although it took us a few more minutes before we even knew that she was a GIRL.  After the doctors and the nurses did what they needed to do we got to see the new family!  And oh my was she worth the wait!

Beautiful Momma and Daughter

Seeing Leah for the first time

Sunday, us girls went shopping, we needed some PINK!  Then we headed up to see the Baby and Momma.

Grandpa and Grandma holding their first Granddaughter

Grandpa and Leah getting to know each other

Momma and Baby looking good

Aunt Cora gets a turn

What a sweet heart!

Aunt Emily and her first Niece!

Molly and Paul have a lot of work ahead of them but they have a great start and a precious little daughter to make it a little easier.


Jimh. said…
She obviously has good looks (I am of the opinion some of those came from her Aunt Cora...just saying). She is a cutie!
She is tooo CUTE..
Congratulations Auntie Cora..
Love ya girly.. you will be next..
And I will be there to welcome you with your bundle of joy..
She is a cutie! Congrats to all.
Peta-maree said…
congratulations Cora she is very cute and your sisters looks so well after having gone through so much.

Love to all

Congrats! She is so alert and adorable!
Grandma L said…
She is Fabli for sure. That is the word verication I am getting.
Awww...congratulations Cora!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! This post was so sweet...all of the family just beaming by the presence of this little girl.

Your day is coming...hang in there! I know how bittersweet it is to watch others with such happiness while our hearts ache for our own.

The girls wore your beautiful dresses this weekend and got lots of compliments! My hubby even loved them. :)

Love and blessings,

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