Blue World

I got a small bonus at work and boy was it needed for some essentials.  I hate spending money these day... no that is a lie I love spending money but I don't do it becasue 1. we don't have any and 2. we supposedly have an adoption to be saving for.  But back to my bonus I was sorely in need of some new jeans and unmetionalbles so out on the town we went.  And when I say I was in need trust me a few more days and I think the denim in my jeans would have worn so thin my co-workers would have got a free show, too scary.  I found some jeans at Fred Meyer for a lot less than I thought I would have to pay, Score 1.  The other, well, unmentionable items, were bought on line and they came in today, YEA.    So since I saved some money on the pants I decided to treat myself to a new Wii game.

Endless Ocean Blue World was on my Christmas list but it was not out yet.  I have the first Endless Ocean and I really enjoyed it, but this one is even better.  It is not the typical video game, you dive and explore the ocean and interact with the animals and creatures in the ocean.  There is a story to follow but you don't have to and there are so many side stories that it is truly endless.  I know it is not for every one but even Jim enjoys watching me play.  I know people probably think I am weird  but I really find it relaxing and a great escape when I just need to not think.   And lately there has been a lot not to think about.
So there is my confession, I bought a video game and I can stay up all night diving.  I think you can even dive with other people that have the same game but I don't think anyone out there is a weird as me :0) As for the rest of the bonus (the little bit that was left, did I say it was small?) went right into savings, now back to the dive.  


Kim said…
Great job on the jean find.. and I get that game is fun..
Have a great evening..
Jimh. said…
I am glad you have a game you can enjoy, but I can't understand why you like it so much. There are now submarines and no airplanes and nothing blows up. Still, it isn't horrible to have on while you play. I am glad you got it!
Never heard of that game.
Grandma L said…
Ah Fred Meyers! I lived there when Alice and I shopped there all the time. Now when I go there I just get a really sad feeling because Alice has passed on to the great Fred Meyers in the sky.
I do know from all that shopping over there, that they can have some very good sales. I am happy you found one.
Kelly and Todd said…
Yeah for you on treating yourself to a Wii game. Have a great time playing and enjoy the new jeans. Hang in there on the adoption front. One of these days things are bound to change for the better. I'm thinking of you guys.

-- kelly

PS - The coloring book arrived this weekend and I think I may have to start coloring before I next see my nephew - very cool!
Kelly and Todd said…
Oh - I also meant to tell you that I'm starting to re-read the Twilight books as well. I watched New Moon over the weekend and it gave me the urge to pull out the books and begin again. I so LOVE the books. I'm still unsure how I feel about the movies though. (Although I feel that way about most book/movie combos. The movie never lives up to what I've created in my head from reading.) Enjoy reading.

-- kelly :-)

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