Getting Past the Paperwork

I was going to post about trails and tribulations of getting our immigration paperwork out.  I was going to post about how I hate Fed Ex because they are stupid and don't know that over night means the next day.  However, I want to be past that, I need to be in a calm place for a while with no paper work hanging over my head, so I am taking a deep breathe and relaxing for a bit. 

I want to clear up some confusion that I may have caused by posting that we were switching countries.  We are still adopting from Burundi.  As many of you know we started our adoption process in China.  We still plan on adopting from China someday, and all of our documents are still in China but the wait is so incredibly long.  We are still "in line" and "logged in". We are doing a concurrent adoption in Burundi.  All of our immigration paper work still said China so, since the Burundi adoption is going to happen first we needed to switch countries.  I know it is too complicated sometimes, that is why we are "no ordinary family"  We don't always do things the conventional way.    In fact sometimes it seems like we are doing things backwards but that is beside the point.  I hope that clears everything up if you still have questions please email me.

We sent off our packet for the renewal and the switch yesterday and we are hoping to get a fingerprint appointment soon and then have our 171H for another 18 months.  Hopefully this is the last time we do this paperwork for the Burundi adoption.  After we get back we will have to re-apply for the China adoption, but we have plenty of time. 

For now we are still selling coloring books!!! I have even created a Face book fan page for Color Me Home.
I am really proud that it has done so well.  Jim's drawings are wonderful they just needed to be put together for good use.  If you are on Face book please become a fan and help spread the word.  If not just follow to keep up with all the newest version of our coloring books.

Have a great weekend everyone!


I am glad the paperwork is behind you this week! Take a load off and enjoy the weekend!
Margaret M said…
I can't imagine the paperwork that you have gone through. I hope you have a nice long break from paperwork!

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