New Look, New Name

I have decided to change things up a bit for several reasons.  I started this blog to be all about our journey to China for our daughter but our journey has taken more twists and turns than I expected.  I want this blog to be about our family not just one adoption.  I want this blog to work for me and be a place where I can share about my family no matter what the size.  Lets face it we are never going to be the picture perfect family with 2.5 kids.  We are who we are, and right now that is 2 adults, 2 pooches, 1 puppy cat, and a few marine creatures.  There is also a little man that we are waiting to meet in Burundi and somewhere there is still the thought of that little girl in China.  And who knows what other directions our life might take or who may join this No Ordinary Family. 

The name came from a picture frame that I found at Hallmark and I fell in love with it.  I thought how perfect for this crazy life that we are leading.  That picture frame has 3 openings and now holds two pictures of Jim and me and the one in the middle is our first picture of Kwizera, who we hope will very soon be our Aiden.  I plan on changing the pictures in the frame often to represent our extraordinary family!

So I hope you like the new look and the new name.  Of course the blog address in still the same, I wanted everyone to still be able to find me.


Kim said…
Great job girly..
Can't wait to see a photo of Jim, you and Aiden together..
Jimh. said…
It looks awesome! I am impressed!

And it may be small and broken, but...what does Lilo say, again?
Love the name and the design! Very cute! Great job!!
Amy said…
Yeah, Cora! The new look is so great and the new name is awesome!!! And oh how I love seeing your precious Aiden on the blog!(((HUG)))
Kayce said…
Beautiful!! THe name is great and the design is perfect!
Kelly said…
Absolutely love it!!!
Kelly and Todd said…
Wonderful new blog and excellent name choice. I love your picture frame and Aiden is just so sweet - here's hoping he'll be in your arms soon!!

-- kelly :-)

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