Pretty Quiet Week

Not much has gone on this week.  I guess that is good I would like a little adoption news but I guess that is not to be.  I have had a hard time adjusting to the time change.  It is only an hour but it seems like we are getting up earlier and going to bed later since it is light longer.  So yesterday I came home and took a nap and today I think I am finally caught up.  Now if I could just be rid of my sinus headaches I would be golden, well almost. 

Color Me Home has been doing spectacular!  Jim is selling them faster than we can bind them which is awesome.  We even have some That's My Pan orders coming in.  So if you want any thing from That's My Pan send me an email. Remember Mother's Day is coming up and what is better than personalized bake-ware, utensils or a coffee mug for your Mom!  They also have personalized frames, weddings and baby shower in the future.  I am going to try and get an order in next week if we have enough items.

This weekend I think we might make a run to the Tri Cities with some coloring books if you are in the area and want some let us know and we will make arrangements to meet up or drop them off.  We might try to see some family if they are around.  Other than that if it is nice we might do some yard work.  I really want some planters in the front yard, I will be sure to take before and after pictures.

Adoption front, we did some banking this week to make sure we have things in order if we get approval to go to Burundi.  Other than that no news just more waiting.  I am truly disappointed that we are not getting any news or any pictures but there is nothing we can do short of getting on a plane and we don't have enough money for an extra trip.  All of our threats are pretty empty and they know it, we can't drop out we have invested too much and have no other options at this point, if we want to be parents.  Some days I truly believe we need to just stop but then the next day I am back to fighting.  We have contemplated demanding proof of life like they do in hostage situations like a picture and the newspaper or something, but I doubt that would make a difference.  No fingerprint appointment yet either.  I am anxiously waiting to see if we get what we asked for on our 171H. 

Other than that I have been re-reading the Twilight saga, so that I am ready for the new movie in June.  I know I should branch out but I am really enjoying reading them again, I know I am crazy. 

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, I will surely try.


Diana who is logged into a client's account right now said…
You have a great weekend. That is so awesome that the coloring books are going so well. Looking forward to the self-portrait series.

I truly believe that you guys are meant to be parents. I am sorry it's taking so long!

Enjoy the weekend...and keep napping!
Kim said…
LOVE the coloring books.. we wait for the new ones all the
I am ready for my nephew to get home.. he will be here soon..
have a great weekend..

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