Stupid Things Said On The News

We don't watch a lot of news, perhaps we should watch more but the more I watch the more I think it is just entertainment not really news and not even the kind of entertainment I like.  The biases are so obvious and it frustrates me to no end.  Also the topics that they choose are news worthy, are at best reaching.  Does anyone still care about Tiger Woods and that whole fiasco and if you do, great go pick up a magazine in the grocery store isle.  So I think to avoid hearing me yell at the TV newscasters, Jim often changes the channel. 

Here is the latest stupid thing that I heard on the news that got me boiling.  This was about a 3 second segment on some program (can't remember for sure which one) and I went back to look for a clip to show you but could not find it.  It was about girls testing the same as boys in math on standardized tests.  Math and science are generally thought to be an area that men do better in and up until recently boys have always done better on test scores.  It peaked my interest since I have a science degree and (shhhh don't tell anyone) I am a girl.  I also did very well in Math when I was in school. 

So what's the problem sounds like a good thing, right?  But then the pretty blond (sorry just a description not a judgment) newscaster said this or something like it "one educator has stated that something must be holding boys back"  REALLY??? The segment was over.  That was the end of it for the news broadcast but not for poor Jim because thanks to the wonders of DVR I ran it back at least twice to be sure I heard it right.  So apparently the person that this news program decided to quote was a time traveler from 1952 or a similar year.  Did they really say that the only way that girls can do well in math and science is for the boys to be held back?  Yep they did, remember I have DVR I listened to it 3 times.  So what was I supposed to take from that?  Oh poor boys they must be lacking something in education because the test scores are finally showing that girls are as smart as the boys, sorry I was a little irritated.  Maybe, just maybe, girls are no longer being held back and being told that they are girls so they can't be good at math.  And when did it become a competition?  Boys v. Girls.  I guess it could be worse they could have accused the girls of cheating because there is no way they could be smart, no, that just can't happen.  See it bugged me a bit.

Anyway, it is stupid things like that on the news that prevents me from watching it.  I wonder what we would think of the world if we just got the facts not the interpretations and stupid opinions of people that the new stations don’t even have the courtesy to in indentify, probably because they are talking 3 toed sloths (no hard feelings ;0)


Grandma L said…
Boy vs girl is bad enough, but my pet peeve is the way they are trying to make a war out of Republicans vs Democrats. How in the world did this country get by before the brilliant news announcers started bringing in their opinions.
Jimh. said…
Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one and they all stink.

I agree, though, I have never doubted that a girl can do things better than me. If I had ever doubted it, marrying you would have made me a believer that women are the stronger sex, which they are.

As for democrats and republicans and those interested in their doings...worthless.
Boys are rotten...made out of cotton.
Girls are dandy...made out of candy!

We don't watch the news at all. I just see headlines when I log onto YIM. Big news items pop up as status updates on FB. I am not missing anything!
Uncle Dennis said…
Your a GIRL??!!!! Does Jim know that? We know you are smarter than Jim, he is a trouble maker, but then again this doesn't explain why you didn't run when he started stalking you.

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