I was able to get the pictures up on Facebook right away but I have been a slow blogger.  I was having issues uploading the photos yesterday and I was tired from working in the yard so I just gave up until this morning.  I also got back pretty late Saturday night, we went shopping after the haircut.  Let me tell you shopping with a 2 month old has additional challenges I did not anticipate.  Aunt Cora was feeling it yesterday in her biceps but it was so worth it even a little fussy I believe I have the sweetest 2 month old niece ever.

I know you are all here for the pictures so here they are.  Enjoy the making of the New Cora!
Before at Emily's house
Three sisters before the cutting
wow look at all that hair!  We have a video of the actual cutting I will try and get it posted later tonight.
No going back now.
Leah was more interested in eating than watching Aunt Cora's haircut

Trimming it up
I think I see some curls...
Now for some style
Emily and Molly think it is turning out good.

Don't forget the bangs
wow it feels so good
Three sisters after the cut!

Oh, my goodness what it really that long?
Leah and Aunt Cora time in a dressing room, she is getting so big!
Finally home I got thumbs up from the hubby! 

It was a welcome change.  I had struggled with getting it cut for some time and I thought I would be sad to lose my hair but I was ready.  I am so happy to have a cute new do, thank you Emily and Molly for the early birthday gift I love it.  Thank you to every one for telling me months ago that I should do it, you were so right it just took me some time to work up the courage. And last but not least thanks to Wendy (the hair stylist) she took a blank slate and created the perfect style for me.

I'll post the video soon and maybe a picture of it curly!


Kelly said…
I love it! It's great!!
Jimh. said…
Of course I approve! You're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Kel said…
It looks lovely! Really like the fringe!
Kim said…
Love it..
have a great evening..
Love ya.
I am a complete DORK! I saw the pics on FB, but didn't realize you have BANGS now. I like them!! Cute, cute, cute!!
Debz said…
Very pretty!
I love that you and your sisters all have the exact same hair color. Very nice! Not too many people are fortunate to have strawberry blond naturally and it's a tricky color to try to achive.
denise said…
Super cute haircut - I like it a lot.

And goodness, but that baby has grown already!!

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