Pretty Much Just CREEPY

Y’all know the song Our House right(well that might not be the name and YES I could have googled in the time it took to write this but I didn’t OK?)  Ya’know, ya’do.  OK.  So sing it with me, now,

Our house is a very very very fine house.
With one cat in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is not easy cause of ghosts
They turn on all sorts of weird shit.
In the middle of the night
They really give us a fright, I wish that they would haunt somebody else.
Because our house should not have a frackin ghost,
It was built in 1999
Nothing else could be so fine
Now no one has died here, so GO AWAY!!!

Ok so maybe it is not a top 40 or a top 400 but I don’t know what is going on.  First we have lived here since this place was built so I know we have no crazy spirits or anything, but all of a sudden a few of our electric appliances have been going haywire.  First was the electronic/digital frame we have above our TV.  It started coming on by itself (in the middle of the night, creepy shit does not happen in the middle of the day OH NO that would be explainable.)  I think at first Jim and I blamed each other for this phenomenon however the light on the fish tank has taken the lead in creepiness.  We have this on a timer (a preparation for our trip to Africa, ya’know a more hopeful time) and tonight it came on at 10 pm all by itself, now that is far more than the FRACKIN 1 hour daylight savings screw up allowance that I give myself (ya'know +/- 1 hour for just being a red head).  I changed the pictures in the digital frame to keep it happier and I have yet to try and turn it off, I don’t know what to do with the fish tank light but I hope it figures itself out, because can you say C-R-E-E-P-Y.  Yes, I would like the creepiness out of the house PLEASE.  It is so NOT COOL.


Aunt Karen said…
I know what you mean. We have a GPS that turns itself on at random times. The other day Dennis and I heard a strange voice talking and looked blankly at each other before we realized it was the GPS talking...a bit freaky.
Grandma L said…
I don't suppose this will be any consolation to either of you, but I swear the candles in the picture about your WII were flickering. They stopped, but isn't it supposed to be a still picture.
Honest Injun !!
Sounds like a wiring problem to me. Your house's wiring might be experiencing small surges. My advice would be to fully unplug the computer and other valuable electronic items when you're not using them. We had a surge incident once, in a badly wired apartment, and my husband's computer got fried (with sparks and everything!) even through the surge protector.

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