Referral Time and Other such Nonsense

Since we are still waiting for China, which is still probably years away from getting to us I thought I would still keep track of referrals on the blog.  So referrals started arriving Monday and they got to April 17th 2006.  Just a reminder we are April 25, 2007, still over a year of LID's.  There are now 373 LIDs until our date.  They referred 6 days this time which means I need to get 6 bucks to put in the piggy bank.  I think we are most definitely on the slow boat to China but the boat is moving so we have not jumped off yet.

No word on BB.  We hope to get some information next week when a new employee starts in Burundi.  Things are still kinda rocky but we have not given up hope yet.

It has been kind of a cruddy day.  We woke up this morning and all of our fish were dead in our reef tank.  We were having some filter problems and thought we had fixed it but apparently not.  Things at work are not going the greatest and I have a terrible headache.  I can not wait for this weekend to be over and I think I am going to whine a bit more.  I need a vacation.  I think that is one thing that has been damaging emotionally to me is the lack of time off in the past few years.  I have been saving up vacation time like crazy for the adoption but I just need to use it even if I just stay home but I feel incredible guilty doing that.  And now with the changes at work I don't feel I can leave for a few days right now.  Another thing since I am whining, I have a birthday coming up another year older and still in the same damn spot, come on, can a girl get a break.  I just need a break.

Enough whining, I think I will go do some WINE-ing and toast to a better tomorrow.


Jimh. said…
Cheers! To a better tomorrow!
Grandma L said…
Here is hoping that new employee in Burundi can put a fire under somebody and get things moving.

That Chinese baby will be a grandchild to you by the time you get her.

Don't give up hope!!!
denise said…
Bugger. I hate those kind of days. I hope things start looking up very soon.
amy said…
Sorry you are having a bad day :-(
As an adoptive mama myself I know how the waiting game is. We adopted through the China SN program and although it only took 14 months (nothing to you for sure) It felt like forever. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for peeking at my new blog :-) I will be following your journey now! If you want to see the antics of my newest little

Amy said…
I think you need to use a few of those vacation days and take a weekend (Thurs-Mon) cruise. We had no idea we'd like the one we took so much! It was last June.

I hope something happens soon with your adoptions. We were LID 4.4.07. Since we jumped out of line and completed a SN adoption, I hope it helps that there is one less family in front of you!!

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