What You Discover When You Do Very Little.

Jim and I are just relaxing on this fine Easter day.  I have a huge ham (well huge for 2 people) in the oven and an angel food cake cooling.  The ham will last us all week and for 99 cents a pound, it should help out on the grocery bill a bit.  I love angel food cake I think it is my absolute favorite.  I have even made it from scratch once.  It was delicious but way too much work to make from scratch and there was not that much difference in taste so now I just buy the box but I had to give it a try.  And now I can say that I have done it and move back to my easy mixes. So I think we should have a pretty good meal, I will add some veggies to it, maybe a salad and a few potatoes.

It is a gorgeous day here and the dogs are hating the kids next door hunting eggs.  They are showing their extreme dislike by running along the fence barking.  Oh well the kids need a little challenge right?  Ok, we called them inside we are not completely mean neighbors.

I have been discovering our Wii.  We have had it for a couple years now and I just thought it was just for playing games but after the discovery that you can connect it to you wireless internet I have been finding more and more out about it.  Like yesterday I decided to try and download a game.  For $5 I downloaded the Legend of Zelda!  The old NES version you know the one that you begged your best friend to borrow because you did not have enough in your piggy bank to buy Legend of Zelda, ok maybe that was just me.  So  I have been making my way through the world of Hyrule, yes I am a nerd and proud of it.

So today I discovered something else.  YOU CAN SURF THE INTERNET ON YOUR TV with the Wii.  Yes you can and it is free (well you have to have a wireless internet connection) sorry, all you Wii experts out there probably already knew that but it was a revelation to me.  I am amazed. I don't know how often I will look at the internet in TV but the fact that you can do it is just cool.   I am easily amused so of course the first thing I did was look up our blogs.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, so far we're having a great day just being together.


Jimh. said…
REALLY!! WHO KNEW it could do that!? I am just as awed by it as you are! It's cool!
Michelle said…
Since my husband lost his job a year and a half ago we too have learned to enjoy doing very little. I was surprised to find how much I enjoy staying home, hanging out together with no plans at all except nap, read a book or watch movies. It has brought us much closer together.

I had no idea you could do those things with the Wii! I'm going to check it out.

Happy Easter!
Grandma L said…
That sounds too high tech for me to ever figure out. I don't have a wii so couldn't do it anyway.I know you can view your photo's on the TV. that is if you know how. I discovered the other day that my TV has one of those little slots in the front of it. I do not have a clue what it's for. Do you?
Margaret M said…
It sounds like a blessed day to me! Glad you enjoyed it!

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