Wii-diculous Fun

Yesterday Jim and I had his family over as kinda of a little celebration on our Birthdays.  Jim's is in late March and mine is supposed to be a couple of weeks.  I have decided to skip it this year although this is the first I have told anyone about that.  I think every childless girl in their 30's has the right to skip a few birthdays.  I mean come on this wait is just plain old and I don't want to be just plain old to go with it.  So stick it birthday I am skipping you I will gladly turn 33 next year.

However since I just decided that just this morning we had little party yesterday.  I made some black and white chili soup and we had chips and salsa and for desert ice cream cake, it was wonderful.  Then since I hate to plan party games, we played Wii.  It was a blast.  Of course Emma, Eli and David went right to Aiden's room.  They know where the fun is.  That is one advantage of having a kids room fully equipped and ready to go.  Emma found the books I think every time she comes she tries to read them all,  David found every car or train we have (note to self we need more cars) and Eli was happy to play with everything.  They also enjoyed playing the Wii.  David even got on there once but he was a little too light to register.

We wanted to play the new Boom Blox game but it did not come in on time (stupid no shipping to a PO box again but that is another blog post.)  So we mostly played the Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Sports Resort.  We need to get two more controllers with the motion plus so that we can really get into the Wii Sports Resort, the rowing would have been a lot of fun with 4 people in the mix.

Out of respect for the parties involved I have only taken a few stills off of Flip but I have the video of everyone hula hooping so you better be nice to me mwah ha ha ha.


Michelle said…
We love our Wii. We need to get some more games for it though. Happy birthday to your hubby! I'm with ya on the skipping birthdays thing. I don't even want to think about how old I will be by the time I become a Mom. I'll have a walker, I'm sure. :)
Kim said…
HOW FUN....love the photos..
Looks like a great Bday for you guys..
I sooo want the wii...
Have a great week..
Looks like FUN! What is truly Wii-diculous is that I have not gotten my ass on the Wii in over a month.

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