Adoption Fundraisers

As you know Jim and I are trying to earn money to offset the high cost of adoption by selling coloring books.  I also sew little girls dresses but I have not been doing much sewing lately.  I want to get back into it but it is hard to get motivated and the coloring books are just easier, plus they are really really cool. 

PhotobucketBlankets and Stuff

But if you are not looking for a coloring book there are lots of other ways you can help families come together.  I have met so many people on this journey and many of those people I have yet to meet in person. 

Robin is just starting the journey again to another beautiful daughter.  I know she will be sewing her heart out for this little one.  Check out Red Thread Stitches she makes wonderful and super cute clothes.

Red Thread Stitches

I just found Daleea at Ophaned No More and she is selling beautiful bracelets for her Isabella.  Check them out here.
Starfish Cleft Home
Need a cool adoption T-shirt?  Then check out Adoption Bug and help out the Kallen's or the Shriver's or the many others that are raising money this way.

There are so many more.  Check out A Place Called Simplicity to see many more links.


Kim said…
Wish I could think of something..
Love all of them. have gotten things from all of them.
I soo need to get my new coloring books..
Holly said…
I think your fundraisers are brilliant. LOVE the coloring book ideas! Wow!
And I will order one...after I let my son choose which one.
We are fundraising too (Beading To China) but LOVE to support others along the way!
Many blessings,
Sammons said…
Cora, Lexi wore her dress from you for the fisrt time today. It is amazing, the hanger did not do it justice. I loved it before but now I am just totally in love with it!! Thank you so so much! There are photos on our blog if you want to stop by and take a peek. So super cute!! Thank you Cora! Hugs, Mary and Lexi
Kelly said…
I hope that your fundraiser goes well!! We are selling multiracial family car decals for our fundraiser.

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