Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I am so thankful to have the day off of work today! I really needed an extra day. I am thankful for all the service men that have fought and will fight for our freedom!

But today I would like to give thanks to one serviceman in particular, my Grampa L.  I want to thank him for angel food cake!  I know it seems strange but he is the one that taught me to love this wonderful dessert, simple.  It only had strawberries on special occasions and even then I liked the simple version better.   He was a wonderful cook and always had wonderful things for me to eat in his kitchen.  I miss that.  I miss him.  He was gone way too early from my life but I feel so blessed to have known him and to have been loved by him.  He always had Vienna Sausages in his pantry for me (or so he let me think), I no longer eat those but I L.O.V.E angel food cake.  At only 128 calories per slice it is something I don't have to feel guilty about and it was aptly named as it is so heavenly.  I even learned to make it from scratch (something I am very proud of) but I now just use the mix as it is just as good.

Thanks Grampa! for everything you did for me.  So, guess what I did this memorial day with out thinking!  I made an angel food cake (sorry the picture is not great, I cut it, then remembered why I loved it so).  I think I will make it a tradition, a way for my kids to feel connected to my past.  I hope I can create a love of such a simple dessert and I will tell stories of you and my other Grandparents and Jim can do the same with his if he wishes.  I was fortunate enough to know Grandpa Bob but all of Jim's other grandparents were gone before we met.

I am so lucky to have my Grandmother's still here but I fear I am not as good of a granddaughter as I should be.  I should call them more and be more involved.  I am going to try, but I am not so good at that, but I will make an attempt.  I keep thinking that I will as soon as we can give them a new great grandchild but it is just an excuse.  I will try and be better.

I was going to scan a picture of him but I just remembered that my Mom & Dad have my baby book.  I was sharing pictures when our precious niece Leah was born.  When I get it back I promise to add one.

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day and have a wonderful memory to celebrate with.


How beautiful and angelic! I bet your Grandpa has a slice of the ultimate angel food cake (made by angels, of course) today and thinks of you! Enjoy your day off and I hope you kicked that cold's bahookie (that is Jude new word for bottom).

love ang
Kim said…
Grandparents are the BEST..
I was so honored to have ALL of mine up till 5 years ago and they slowly went to heaven and I have one Grandmother left..
I think you need to put that recipe in the list of the others you owe me..
What a sweet post, Cora! I had a special Grandpa who always made pineapple upside cake. I still have the original battered recipe card in his handwriting and I cherish it! Angel Food cake was always my cake of choice for my birthday when I was a little girl. Thank you for the memories! :)

Love and blessings,
Kelly and Todd said…
Loved your post - so sweet! Your angel food cake looks so good I'd like to jump through the computer right now for a huge slice.

I'm sorry that you are so sick. Here's hoping you feel better soon. Get lots of rest.

Best of luck as you begin your weight loss journey. Todd and I started in January and although the journey is long - we've managed to make some progress. Slow and steady wins the race and you can do it :-)

-- kelly :-)

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