I am really looking forward to having a 3 day weekend.  It has been a long week, unannounced inspections at work, a doctors appointment that did not go too well, and just general exhaustion.  Before anyone worries about my doctor appointment I am fine.  The doctor is just really worried about my steady weight gain in the last 3 years.  Funny thing is I was pretty stable before the adoption process started, coincidence?  I don't think so.  Anyway, she wants me to try and lose weight and come back in a couple of months. So I guess I am on a diet.

I want to loose weight for me, too, this is the heaviest I have ever been and I don't like it.  So despite my leg pain (which sucks btw) I walked yesterday and the day before and plan on trying to make it a habit.   I wish we had an indoor pool around, that is the easiest exercise for me.  The nearest pool is in Yakima and I probably won't go by myself.  But if you are local and want to head to Lyons with me a couple evenings a week for water walking, let me know.

We have also started looking up some low calorie recipes to try.  I don't think our eating habits are all that bad but a combination of a few things makes it easy for me to pack on the pounds.  Tonight is Caribbean chicken I started it marinating last night.  Last night Jim made a beef with snow peas stir fry and stir fried asparagus, it was yummy.  I still went to bed hungry,  but I will get used to it, I hope.  

This weekend we are hoping to be able to work in the yard.  With all the rain we have been having it might be a challenge.  We want to put in a sidewalk and dig out another area for a garden.  If we can't work outside we have plenty of inside projects to work on as well.  So it should be productive and a little relaxing.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Do you have any plans for the 3 day weekend?


Kim said…
Sounds like a great relaxing weekend..
Water is suppose to be the easiest excersicing on your body..
You will do it..
well my weekened consists of dentist today... work on Sat.. babysitting on Sunday and back to work on Monday..
Retail is the busest on holidays.. Got to love it. .
Love you BIG..
Nice chatting with you and thanks for the new pic that made me smile.. can't wait..
Losing weight is tough, but I think a lot of little things help. I was having a lot of bloating and discomfort and I cut out sugary drinks. It's helped a bunch. Walking is awesome and it's something you can do anytime & anywhere!

We are camping this weekend. Hopeful that the WiFi that the campground advertises works!!
Katie D said…
I know everyone has a suggestion for weight loss but something is working for me is a website called It has a nutrition and fitness tracker that helps you plan meals and stuff. Just something to look into if you are interested. :) Good luck!

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