I don't have an iPod, I guess I'm anti-Apple but the iPad is drawing me in a bit (don't tell Jim).  I have a Zune and although it is a little bigger than the Apple version, I LOVE it.  I have a set of speakers in my office and I would be bored lost with out it.  I have like a million songs loaded but there are really only a few that I listen to over and over again.

I have one playlist that I call "adoption" because it just gives me hope and makes me think of our Aiden or our Little Miss. They just make me feel good.  I hope that someday soon I will be listen to those songs and holding that sweet boy.  I don't play it all the time but sometimes I just need it.

So what songs are on the playlist?  Well here are a few that top the list:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a wonderful World, Isreael Iz Kamakawiwo'ole
Lullaby, Dixie Chicks
Two of the Lucky Ones, The Droge and Summers Blend (right now this is my absolute favorite!!)
Albertine, Brooke Fraser
Brand New Day, Joshua Radin
Dance Magic, David Bowie (totally fun song, I need to find red striped PJ's for Aiden!)
Smile, Chris Rice
Human, Killers
And many others.  I linked them so you can hear a sample if you like or at least I think you can.

I love my music and depending on the day my tastes change but I always come back to my favorites. I think it might be time to find a new couple of song to add to the ole'Zune.  What is your favorite music of the moment? 


Jimh. said…
I have to admit, "Two of the Lucky Ones" is my favorite too!
C and G said…
My favorite adoption related music at the moment is Amos Story by Aaron Ivey

then of course there's Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls and Better Days by Robbie Seay Band . . . and then, well, I could go on and on :)
Not sure I know all those songs. I'll have to go listen.
Kelly and Todd said…
I too have and "adoption playlist". I call it the "Sophie Mix" b/c our daughter's first name will be Sophia :-) Like you it makes me smile when I listen to it, and gives me hope. I also have Izzy's version of "Over the Rainbow" and "Lullaby" by the Chicks. "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles, "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart, and several songs by Lorie Line (pianist) can also be found on my playlist along with quite a few others. I keep adding to it whenever I hear a song that makes me think of her or China for that matter.

Switching gears - happy 3-years to you guys and best of luck as you await news on BB. I hope you are traveling soon.

Have a great weekend -- kelly :-)
Kim said…
I was trying to listen to them.. will have to figure out where I can go..
I sooo love music.. I jam to my cd's to and from work every day..
Love you my friend.
one day you will have Aiden in your arms along with Little Miss..

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