Plans - Memorial Day Weekend

I should know better than anyone that plans are meant to be broken.  We had all these plans for the weekend to get stuff done and we did get stuff done yesterday but today we (as in mostly me) are moving a bit slower.

About once a year I decided to mow the lawn thinking how bad can it really be.  Plus this year there was the added bonus of it being a great way to burn some calories.  Every year I seem to forget how allergic I am to grass.  I am fine while I am mowing but then after comes the sneezing and the plugged up nose and the watery eyes and all that fun.  Keep in mind I take a zyrtec every day, but it is like a sugar pill against grass.  The stuff hates me.  So I ended up taking a sudefed and  that seemed to work ok, until I laid down last night and that it when I believe the Cold Virus Attacked.  BASTARD!  (yes, I just did comment on the uncertain parentage of the Cold Virus)

So I am now miserable, I didn't get much sleep due to the lack of being able to breathe and I feel like doing nothing.  I want to do stuff I want to make our house nice and help Jim with the concrete and siding and do some sewing but I feel like doing nothing.  I can't say how much I love being sick on a holiday weekend, can you read through the thick sarcasm?  I love that I can't hardly breathe and I can't hear cause my head is full of rubber cement.  I love that no matter how hard i blow my nose nothing seems to help.  I know I am complaining a lot for a silly little cold.  But it is annoying enough not to even be life threatening!  It is just here to annoy me!

I am hoping the Cold meds I took earlier helps a little, so far I am still sneezing.  I might be spending my day playing a very inactive Wii game or trying to nap.

I know Jim might have shared some of these on his blog but here are a couple of pictures but too bad if you read both blogs you will have to see them twice but I am sick and really don't care that much today.

I look happy about exercising don't I, I'm not but I am good at faking. 
Fake it until you make it that is my new weight loss motto.
We are watching Pepper again this weekend, she is a great dog.  
Not that smart though, she kept trying to drop her ball in the wet cement.

Pour #1 Jim did most of the work but I was a great supervisor.
Plus I am the best at spraying water into the concrete while he is mixing.


Jimh. said…
After all that work for that little triangle, I can only imagine the work they went through to pour all those hydroelectric dams!

Don't sell yourself short, you can build a tolerance to such things as grass, you just have to mow the lawn every week. And think of all the calories you burned! I think we have the makings of a great work out video...
Kim said…
OMW.. Jim cracks me up..
Sorry you are not feeling well..
Love the photo of you and Jim..
Hope you feel better soon.
Grandma L said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorry you are sick!! Sucks in the summer!
Alyson and Ford said…
Jim is too funny.... Sorry you had the allergic reaction. Hoping you are breathing better now!

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