Product Placement

Jim and I went to Target on Saturday.  We needed a toaster and some cold medicine.  We came out with a few extra things but that is another story.  I love browsing around the store, perhaps dreaming of the day that we will have need to be in the toy section.  Plus we are big kids at heart so occasionally we find something we enjoy.  As we wandered upon the Lego isle (a favorite place) this is what I saw:

Now if you just glance at the photo you might not notice that there are lighters in the middle of the toy section!! WHAT?  Yep, right between the Legos and the Uno cards, Target decided it was a good place for BIC lighters.  I know that toys have changed since I was a kid but really are lighters the new thing?  Hey, they are bright and colorful, right?  I know my Mom told me not to play with matches but I don't know if lighters were mentioned, maybe I missed something in my childhood, the BBQ lighter phase.  I was hoping to find pocket knives or razor blades on the next isle between Barbie and My Little Pony but maybe that's next years trend. 

It is just one of those things that make you stop and wonder are there people in the store that just don't have a brain.  I mean it just must be missing, right?  Zombies, running the local Target is the only answer I can come up with. 

I really wonder about what they tell people when they come looking for a BBQ lighter.  I can see the conversation now:

Customer: "Sir, can you tell me where the BBQ lighters are?" 
Target employee:  "Of course, they are on the end cap of isle G18 between the Legos and board games, they are a great deal at $4.99 for 2." 
Customer:  "Oh thanks, and to think I spent all that time wandering around the BBQs?  but hey I found some great PlayDough by the charcoal"

No wonder I can never seem to find anything I am looking for. 


angie w said…
That is hilarious AND scary! Speaking of...check out RQ latest post (when our kids go onstage) SHOCKING!
onemorebaby said…
HA!!! This made me s'rsly LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Thanks for making me smile (and cringe just a little!)
Jimh. said…
It's a great combination: Your sharp eyes and my carrying the camera just in case something blog-worthy comes about.

I should ask to see the manager, but he might want to eat my maybe not...
Kim said…
that is toooo funny...
Love that you took a photo..
Kelly said…
Those lighters were the first thing I noticed.... I think I would have asked the manager about it.

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