Slow Week

Not much happening around here, hence the lack of posts.  Jim has got some airplane wreck chasing adventure planned (I still say is it not chasing unless the target is moving but whatever).  He left early this morning and I tried to sleep in.  A little later I will head in to the fabric store, I have a few things I want to work on.

It should be nice today, in the 80s!  In May, this is crazy weather for us.  I like it this temp but I am going to hate it when it gets any hotter.  The only reason that is should be hotter is to go swimming and since we don't have a pool I have no desire to see it hotter than 82.  But the evenings sitting in the back yard have been fun and relaxing and unplugged.  As much as I love the computer and all my precious electronics, it is nice to unplug for a while, together.  I have always know that my habits will have have to change when we have kids, but until them I have been reluctant to turn thing off.  I think my excuse is that I will have plenty of time to turn them off later but in reality I need to stop with the excuses, I don't need to be plugged in so much.

Hopefully something happens this weekend like I sew something or we plant a garden or we buy a toaster and then I will have a much better post with pictures and everything.  Hope all my wonderful readers have a great weekend.


Kim said…
Sounds like a relaxing week.. and weekend..
Have fun today..
Grandma L said…
I buy my toasters at Walmart. First time I only paid $6.99 and I thought it was too slow so when that wore out I upgraded to a $12.00 one and it is just as slow. So don't follow my advice.
Jimh. said…
You speak as though HISTORY is not interesting to you!! HOW DARE YOU!?!

Michelle said…
I fully agree with you regarding the hot weather here. 82 degrees is even pushing it a bit for me, I usually start to get grouchy around 80. Unfortunatley, it is well above that much of the summer. I love air conditioning.
Margaret M said…
I feel that I have been unplugged for weeks. I pop on and check on friends but rarely post as life is too busy. Hope your weekend was wonderful and relaxing!

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