Jim and I were in need of a new toaster.  We got the one we were using before we were married.  I think it cost us $15 or maybe it was $10, I can't remember but I do know that we would never have dared to spend more than $15 on a toaster at the time.  It did the job we needed it to for more than 10 years (probably more like 12 but I am not sure of the date), however recently it started having issues.   Lately, we have been enjoying English muffins in the morning, but we were having trouble getting them just right.  The first would always be under toasted and the second was very often burned to a crisp, even on the lowest setting. There were definite signs of impending toaster doom.

So we decided that it was probably time for a new toaster.  Off to Wal- Mart I went.  I found the toasters near the curling irons because you know putting them next to the coffee pots would make too much sense.  However, they only had one model in the price range that I was aiming for.  The one that I liked was $25 but it was out of stock.  So I left with the other things I needed and later Jim and I both went to Target.

Yes we found the toaster of our dreams!  It was red and shiny, had buttons for all the options and a neat little removable crumb tray.  Wouldn't it be great not to have to bang our toaster over the garbage to remove the crumbs.  I was in L-O-V-E... Alright, not really, but I thought it would work pretty well so we shoved it in our cart and continued to shop for things we didn't need. 

When we got home I carefully removed my sweet toaster from the box and Jim quickly removed the old one from the toaster spot on the counter.  As he pulled it away something happened that has never happened before.  A trap door on the bottom of the toaster fell open and crumbs went everywhere.  I swear this door was not there until precisely that moment, because if it had been there the whole time, we would look pretty stupid for turning the toaster upside down and banging it over the garbage can to remove the crumbs for nearly 12 years and we are not stupid.  No, we would have known that door was there all along right?  Yep, it was a magical appearance to make us look like morons that is the only explanation. 

And you know what, we could have kept that little piece of embarrassing knowledge to ourselves but I couldn't help it, it was a totally bloggable event.  I like to think of it as public service, for all you out there that are still turning your toasters upside down and banging on them to remove the crumbs, you know who you are, check for that trick trap door.  Don't let it sneak up on you and make you look stupid, like it did to us.  If you don't find one check back often they have a way of showing up at all the wrong times. 


Jimh. said…
I am certain we looked before. Nothing but divine intervention...or humor...could create a new trap door!
Kim said…
LOVE the new toaster..
Ok. the trap door.. is cracking me up..
Have a great evening..
Grandma L said…
That is just unreal, a tray to catch the crumbs? What will they think of next.If this world gets anymore advanced we will have to get at least another 4 years of schooling just to cope with it all.
And my verification word is schol. No kidding!!!
Oh my gosh...I am laughing SO hard! Thank you for sharing your toaster story. Love the red one by the way!

Love and blessings,
Grandma L said…
After my smart alec comment about the crumb tray, I decided to empty mine and the whole tray fell off and it took a long time to fix. Grrr That's what I get for buying such a cheap toaster.
I also love your red toaster. I have a red coffee pot that it would go with. Hint hint.

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